Why Do I Do This?

February 6th, 2021

Today I got a reminder about why we do this. Why do I take photos? I got a great reminder of that today. And it wasn't even my photo. Emotions.


I had an acquaintance on Facebook that requested that someone take their cell phone photo and edit a couple of things out of the background and maybe change the colour grade or go Black and White. I was one of many that took on the task. But I requested the full photo. Being a cell phone shot, it was smaller as it was so I needed the full-size photo to really do what I wanted to do. They sent it to me. I did as requested and made it Black and White and then, with the help of a couple of friends, we decided to actually take the initiative and print the photo ourselves. I sent it to my printer earlier this week. Today was the pickup day. I asked that they meet me at my printer to give them this photo. They still hadn't seen the final image. We've never met in person. I had never met the subject in the photo. But it really just seemed right. So I brought a quick frame with me. We met there. I found out exactly why this photo meant so much and realized exactly how this photo was going to stay with them. Emotions.

This photo wasn't just going on Facebook or some hard drive that they'll forget about. This is now going to stay with them. It's something they can hold. This holds so many emotions with them. Now, I remember why I do this. Because sometimes I forget. Sometimes I get in my own head a little and do it just for me. Which isn't bad at all. My landscapes are just for me. They're to remember the experience of being out there. The drive to the location. If we stayed out there, the nighttime feelings and excitement. The challenges. The dinner. The company. Whatever made that location ideal for a landscape. My thoughts and emotions while I took the shot. I try to convey those emotions while shooting. But those landscapes are for me. Emotions.

Shots like this one. The ones with a story behind them. The ones with deep-rooted emotions in them. Those are the ones that really resonate with me. Those are the ones that will live on with my clients, friends, or family. That is why I shoot. That is why I love taking photos of families. People. Events. Weddings. Couples. Engagements. Because I want them to remember how they felt when they were at this point in their lives. How their lives were. I want the emotion tied to it. I love how the story unfolds. I want people to come back to me a year later, 5 years later, 10 years later and I can see how they've progressed. I can see how they've changed. They can see how their emotions are affected looking at this photo.

Printing photos is a HUGE part of this. Looking at it on the screen is one thing. But holding it in your hands. Feeling the paper. The ink. The thickness and weight of the paper. The frame. Having something tangible in your hands and not lost somewhere on "the cloud" truly changes how you look at your photos. Emotions.So, if you've had a photoshoot with me, and want to work on something like this. Let's do it. Let's get those photos printed. Let's get some on your walls. Let's get an album going. Let's really get these emotions solidified in your minds. Burn them in. Remember that happiness. Love. Joy. Excitement for a new job. New partner. Old partner with renewed vigor. Love of family. Love of life. Love of your passion. Let's start this journey. Continue this journey. Together.

The photo below wasn't the photo from today. But capturing a moment like this. This is why I do what I do. Seeing that friendship and respect. Happiness. Back in a time where we could go out and listen to live music. This is Greg and Jay at a live jam that Jay was hosting. I remember how I felt when I took this photo. I bet they can remember how they were feeling at this moment. Do you have moments like that? Let's capture them.

Greg and Jay