Couples Posing

February 11th, 2020

How easy is posing? Is it worth learning?

The following excerpt video will help you get a head start on posing for your couples session. Whether it's for an engagement, wedding or just to let people know you're still in love after 25 years. This will easily help you pose in front of the camera and therefore be more comfortable while doing it.

It's up to your photographer to make sure they know how to pose you. But what's wrong with doing some research on your own?

One hundred percent it's worth learning how to pose. Even just some easy poses. This photo is with a couple that has done very little photos together. Yet, they are natural, composed and happy to be here.

One of the hardest things is comfort; Guys, I'm looking at you. Is getting someone to look like they WANT to be there. I've found that most couples have one person in particular that really wants these photos done. The other... well... you get the picture. But getting relaxed, and to be honest, sucking it up a little for your significant other. When you really don't want to be there, it really shows in the photos. No couple wants that type of photo, and no photographer wants to take those photos. The photographer wants you to look happy, and in the end, be happy with your photos. I mean, that's our job as photographers is that you, the client, are happy with the end result.

Your photographer wants nothing more than to make you and your significant other look your absolute best. I can only assume that you want to look your best as well. Why not get a small, easy-to-learn, jump on looking your best for your photos? Here's a video to help you learn some quick, easy poses for couples. Great for engagements. Making beautiful wedding photos. Maternity photos. Anything you want to look good with your significant other. This is a great base to work off of and a fantastic place to start.

Thanks to Pye Jirsa from SLR Lounge and Adorama TV for sharing these important posing tips.